Is an Extra Pawn Enough to Win a Chess Game? (Answered)

Winning a chess game comes from having two things: it is either when you have the material advantage or you have the activity advantage.

Material advantage is obvious, it is when you have captured more pieces or pawns than your opponent hence having more units to use in the  game.

Piece activity is much more subtle, basically this is how active or inactive the pieces that you have inside the game.

In this article I will try to focus on the material part.

That is, how much material do you need in order to win in chess?

More importantly, can you win a chess game by just having an extra pawn?

Basically the minimum material advantage you can have in chess.

This question is interesting indeed, and it is quite tricky to answer. Stay with me in this article as we explore this topic.

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

What is an extra pawn in chess and how important is it?

An extra pawn in chess refers to a situation when you have captured a single pawn more than your opponent.

The pawn is the weakest unit in chess, it is the minimum material advantage you can have in this game.

Some would say that it is not as important, that being up a pawn will not win you the game.

I agree, but only on lower tiered games, in reality it is quite complicated. The pawn after all does not remain the least valuable unit throughout the game.

The pawn might be the weakest unit initially, but it becomes one of the most valuable units in the endgame since it can be promoted.

A single pawn can become a queen, which is why an extra pawn is actually important if you will grind the game up.

Can you have an extra pawn in chess and still lose?

Yes, you can have an extra pawn and still lose the game.

I need to clarify this, just because a pawn can be promoted does not mean that you will actually have the opportunity to promote it.

Your opponent will of course try their best to minimize the material advantage that you have, even if it is only a single pawn.

It takes some skills in order to win a chess game by only having an extra pawn, it is not a decisive advantage.

There are instances where a player has an extra pawn but blunders a whole piece later in the game, of course they can still lose.

There are also those that have an extra pawn but got checkmated, it is not a done deal yet.

If you want to learn how to convert with only an extra pawn, I recommend several websites that talk about these topics. Such websites are actually the pillars of chess all over the web.

You can definitely win by having an extra pawn, however you still have to work for your meal.

Can strong chess players win with only an extra pawn?

I have written an article about how many points you can get per pieces captured. These systems however does not take into account the strength of a player.

Yes, a strong chess player can win just by being up a pawn. Even though the advantage is minimal, a chess master can take advantage and convert a win.

If we are looking at the extreme example (super grandmasters), having an extra pawn is quite decisive.

A player that has an extra pawn will most likely win the game in elite tournaments.

This is because these players know how to play the endgame and make the extra pawn matter.

They understand the role of the pawns and usually use this small advantage to get a whole point (a win).

However let’s look at the regular people, those that are strong but are not playing in top level tournaments.

For these individuals it is possible to win with an extra pawn, and most likely than not, they can actually win with this.

However they will not win 100% of the time, unless they are a super grandmaster the percentage of games that they can convert would not be more than 60%.

There are just more things to do after getting an extra pawn, basically, there is more chess to be played.

You can’t just conclude an entire chess game from a single pawn, there are many ways to come back from such a material disadvantage.

There are also other factors like time control, psychology, and endgame skills, which makes the extra pawn advantage quite dubious.

Although it is a good thing, the game is not done yet if one player is up a pawn (even if they are a strong chess player). 

How to win in chess when you have an extra pawn?

If you want to become good and be capable of winning just by having an extra pawn, I have two pieces of advice for you.

First is that you should learn the endgame more than anything else. A pawn might be the weakest initially, but it will become really valuable when the endgame comes.

The problem is what would you do if the endgame comes?

There are many known endgame positions that are drawn even when one side is up a pawn (opposite color bishops, opposition, etc.).

An extra pawn advantage would only really matter in the endgame, a phase where you and your opponent are running out of pieces.

Even if you reach the endgame and have an extra pawn, it wouldn’t really matter if you are not capable of converting an endgame winning position.

So this is my first advice, learn basic endgame positions that you may encounter when having an extra pawn.

The second advice is that you should learn how to simplify. Even if you are up a pawn, it wouldn’t matter if you fail to reach the endgame.

Your opponent can complicate and bounce back into the game if you do not know how to simplify.

This is why learning how to properly exchange pieces and heading straight into the endgame is important.

Since you know that the extra pawn will only be useful in the endgame, you should simplify and reach it as soon as possible.

This way you can get to the endgame position where winning is possible in the first place.

These are my two pieces of advice if you are trying to learn how to convert with only an extra pawn.


An extra pawn is enough to win a chess game if the player knows how to take advantage of the extra  pawn properly. In elite tournaments, a game can be decided by just an extra pawn.

This is because players who compete in these events are really strong chess players, those that can make the most of any advantage.

For regular people however this is not always the case.

A strong “regular” player can convert a win about 60% of the time if you give them an extra pawn.

It is a huge percentage for such a small advantage, but is justified when we consider the cases of pawn promotion.

If you want to win by only having an extra pawn yourself, the two tips I have are both to study the endgame and learn how to simplify.

If you follow these pieces of advice your likelihood of winning with an extra pawn will rise dramatically.

That is all for this article, thank you for reading.