About me

Hi fellow Chess enthusiast, I’m Michael. You’re welcome here at We go Chess! During my childhood before the boom in internet activities, Chess is a very popular game among the streets of our community.

Chess boards are littered everywhere, people play Chess of all gender and age. You might expect I would be a part of this group, but really I’m not. I’m a terrible player getting confused about what to do even just at the start of the game.

I even just played it for fun, I think the game was terrible. A few years later when everyone moved their activities online, people just aren’t playing Chess anymore.

That’s when I discover a lot of Chess resources during my regular browsing on Youtube. I binge-watch everything and played consistently online for weeks.

That was years ago, having played in my college’s tournaments I would say the journey was a success. I really had an amazing time with amazing people and have been playing more games both online and over the board since then.

The guy was me, yeah I know I probably don’t fit with a team of girls but they are good people and I enjoy being with them.

Here’s a series of videos of that specific tournament, a special event for me since it is the first one. I’ve become nervous, adventurous, and victorious at the same time, you will really feel the moment on this one:

I’ve really enjoyed this memory, working towards the same goal with people who share your interest, I think that is a wonderful thing.

My main goal is to share my resource and things I’ve learned over the years in hopes of creating a user-friendly environment for those willing to learn the game. I want to see a place where everyone can enjoy this fantastic game.

Contact me on gmail if you have any problems with this website, just send it to wegochesswebsite@gmail.com and craft a message/proposal on email format!