Agadmator vs. Gotham Chess: Which YT Channel is Better?

When it comes to youtube channels about chess, two names come up more than anything. It is really either Agadmator or Gotham Chess.

There is also Hikaru’s youtube channel, but I do believe that he attracts a different kind of audience than these two.

I think that Agadmator and Gothamchess are still the foundation of youtube chess education, excluding the hype that hikaru promotes.

A side-by-side comparison between the two would be interesting.

Since they are similar, it is good to understand which youtube channel you would want to subscribe to.

I have been a long time fan of Agadmator, I have seen him grow from the time when chess was not that popular online.

Gotham Chess is much younger to the youtube game, but I am also impressed by him.

I would like to make a conclusion on which of these two channels are better. I think I would enjoy writing this article. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Which youtube channel analyzes games better?

First let’s talk about analysis, basically who between the two analyzes a game better. When it comes to the analysis, Gotham Chess has a more in depth breakdown that will help you learn more about the position.

He talks about more variations and gets more comprehensive on why a particular idea will work and would not work.

Agadmator’s analysis on the other hand is much more beginner oriented. His analysis is actually shallow sometimes, and this is coming from a long time fan of his.

I like agadmator’s beginner friendly approach, but you will get to a point where you want something more insightful.

It is not that Agadmator’s commentary is not helpful, it is just that Gotham Chess is better (in this aspect at least).

Agadmator not only touches on surface level ideas, but I have also seen him propose variations that are downright wrong. This doesn’t happen often, but it does occur every now and then.

Levy Rozman is an actual titled chess player, which is why his analysis is much richer than Agadmator.

Antonio Radić’s channel is for beginners, his simple to understand explanation is actually the value that he can give.

However after some time, you would want something more comprehensive. This is why in this regard, Gotham chess is better.

Actually, there are many more underrated YouTube channels that do chess analysis other than these two. Even when they all differ in style, I can see them being enjoyed by different types of viewers.

Is Gotham chess more accommodating than Agadmator?

Another factor that we have to take into consideration is the diversity of their contents.

As a chess player, you would not really improve if you only watch the analysis of someone else’s games.

You would want to watch something that is instructive every now and then. Also you just want to switch things up and not get pigeonholed into a single content format.

Gotham chess has a more varied content that can apply to different types of people.

He also has a ton of instructive content to make you stronger in chess.

Though I hate his occasional milking of chess dramas, I still agree that these topics needed to be covered. Diversity is important in order to keep people’s attention fresh.

Agadmator is only really about analysis and maybe some chess history.

People like me do prefer content like this, however it would be nice if he changes the format every now and then.

This is why in this regard, Gotham Chess is also the winner. 

Is Gotham chess more entertaining than Agadmator?

When it comes to entertainment, it is pretty hard to evaluate these two channels.

They are both very entertaining, and they also have a different style of doing it.

However, I would say that most people would enjoy Levy Rozman’s sense of humor than they would enjoy Agadmator’s.

Personally I found Antonio’s content to be more entertaining, but that is probably because I have been watching him for years. I was one of his pre-100,000 subscribers, look at where he is now.

I still think that Gotham chess makes better work of hyping up a match and becoming humorous, so he still wins this one.

I just want to say that personally I am one of those few people that like Antonio’s humor better, but there’s probably not a lot of people like this.

I think that most people would fit Levy Rozman’s line of entertainment.

Let’s be honest, Agadmator’s humor is more in the line of occasional quirk remarks rather than what you would see in every video.

His content is entertaining, but I still think that Levy Rozman’s humor will fit a lot of people better. 

What makes Agadmator’s YouTube channel so likeable?

Now, you might be reading this article and thinking why do I put down Agadmator on every regard.

I have been saying that I am a fan, but upon reading this article it seems that I don’t sound like one.

Here’s the thing, when it comes to concepts Gotham might take the cake, but there is something that make Agadmator so likeable.

I am talking about his dedication. When it comes to dedication, agadmator  has almost every youtuber beat.

Not saying that Levy Rozman is not dedicated, but Antonio really pumps out content like a beast.

He is known to be able to cover games that have not ended yet. He is recording his videos just before the actual game that he is covering has ended. He posts videos only seconds after the actual game has ended.

Agadmator has way more videos than Gotham Chess, his channel is a visual library for less known games that can teach you a concept or two.

He even posted a video right after his heart surgery, on the same day.

This kind of dedication is probably why has so many fans around the world, and that includes me.

His personality is just so likeable, with all that money he is still the normal chess guy.

No matter how many good youtube chess channel comes, there will always be a place for Agadmator. I am sure of it. 

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My verdict

Between Agadmator and Gotham Chess, Gotham Chess has a better channel in my opinion.

The analysis that he conducts on his channel is much more in-depth, something that you could learn a lot from.

Analysis of chess games is Agadmator cookie and cream, but I think that Gotham Chess is still better in this regard.

His channel is also well diversified, having a good mix of hype and educational videos. He had a lot of instructive videos on top of his analysis, and covers a lot of news from the chess world that every player will find interesting.

Gotham’s channel is all around, but that doesn’t mean that Agadmator has a bad youtube channel.

Sometimes I just wanna chill and look up a quick analysis with easy to understand ideas.

Most beginners are also this way, those that cannot understand complicated variations.

I still think that there will always be room for Agadmator, but I think that he will need to step down on the throne for a while.

That is all for this article, thank you for reading.