Past and Future of Chess

Are chess players getting better?: A complete analysis

Chess players are becoming better since the competitors are becoming younger, theoretical knowledge is being updated, the preparations are at their peak due to engines, and the monetary value is growing allowing players to pursue chess. Watching historical games from famous players of the past has led some people to think that we are regressing….

Complete timeline of every chess-related deaths

Some of the people who died during a chess tournament are Johann Zukertort (1888), Gideon Stahlberg (1967), Vladimir Simagin (1968), Cecil Purdy (1979), Vladimir Bagirov (2000), Ed Edmundson (1982), Aivars Gipslys (2000),  and an unnamed Uzbekistan player along with Kurt Meier (2014). Some of the people who died shortly after a chess tournament were Frank…

Is chess a dying game? (23 reasons)

Bobby Fischer claimed that chess is dying due to extensive focus on memorization and opening theories that discourage creative play. This has been solidified with the defeat of Kasparov against Deep Blue in 1996-1997 marking the rise of chess engines. Chess although a highly recognized game that exists for a long time has lately faced…