What are the Best Chess Apps that can be Played Offline?

If you like playing chess but can’t stand the required internet connection of some chess apps then I have news for you.

It doesn’t require an internet connection to make a good chess app. In this article I will be sharing 3 of my favorite offline chess apps from my personal experience.

I have tried so many offline chess apps before and I can tell that these three are the only ones worth installing in your phone, at least that is the case for me.

Of course I do have other online chess apps like lichess and chess.com, but when there is no internet connection I have these three.

These came from playstore which means that they are accessible when you have the opportunity to get them. These apps may do wonders for your chess skills, let’s get started. 

1.) Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

This is my absolute best offline chess app. There is no question, I was so mesmerized when I tried the app (although the other apps were also good).

Learn Chess with Dr. Wold on playstore

This app gives instruction to the game of chess that is both fair and professional, focusing on how to perform and achieve.

Get to know Dr. Wolf, the perfect chess partner and instructor. While you engage in a game of chess with Dr. Wolf, he will walk you through it all step-by-step, highlight potential theoretical suggestions, and call your attention to any blunders you make.

Dr. Wolf is the greatest approach to study chess and develop your play, regardless of your current level of expertise or the goals you have set for yourself. Remember, even elite players were once pupils.

These are the main focus of this app:

  • Provides training against previous errors until you have conquered them. 
  • In-game tutoring, which is the finest method to learn. 
  • Hints of assistance right when you need them. 
  • Over 30 thorough lessons for all ability levels. 
  • There are four different instructors for you to pick from, each of them is kind, patient, and humorous.

In order for you to have a feel for Dr. Wolf’s approach to in-game instruction, he will provide you with complimentary coaching for three different chess matches. After that, if you want to keep on studying, you may sign up for Tutoring. 

Dr. Wolf will instruct you as you play games using the Teaching feature of ChessBase. He will point out excellent plays and poor ones, both yours and his, and explain the thought process behind them. 

Occasionally, he’ll give you a friendly nudge in the direction of rethinking a decision, or he’ll pop a remark at the most crucial time. 

You also get full access to the Lesson Library, which has over thirty courses written in Dr. Wolf’s distinctive manner. Tips, undos, and entry to the catalog are all unrestricted.

What I like the most with this app:

  1. Hints and suggestions will be made while you are playing.
  2. Free Beginner level tutoring.
  3. There is a paid version, but the free version gives so much value.
  4. Ad-free offline chess game, you can play online and would still get no ads (at the time of this writing).
  5. You can undo which is convenient for beginners.
  6. You can choose which to study, you don’t have to study all of the chess opening out there. 
  7. The a.i. can be strong, but not too strong that you will never be able to beat them.
  8. Best of all, the characters are all so witty it is entertaining. It is really designed to simulate the feeling of having a personalized coach. 

2.) Chess Openings Pró-Master

This one is pretty surprising, probably the best offline app you can go for if you are trying to master some chess openings. It has many features that will help you hone in on many opening ideas.

Chess Openings Pró-Master on playstore.

This is why I like this app so much:

  1. It is offline which is a big plus.
  2. It created a level-like system that simulates a game, I especially like the challenge that comes with it.
  3. There are so many openings that have been discussed in this app.
  4. There are no ads or annoying pop-ups (at least at the time of this writing).
  5. There is a pro version where you can unlock a lot of openings, but honestly the free version offer so much already.
  6. The openings are categorized by the lines that yhey create (open, semi-open, closed, etc.).
  7. Theey give a margin on every level on how many mistakes is allowed (you can restart if you got too many mistakes).
  8. The mechanics itself is interesting, you will follow the main line before you can advance to the next round. Memorizing your favorite opening is so easy with this. 


A simple and quick method for learning openings in a manner that is wholly logical.

Understanding the intricacy of chess openings is one of the most challenging aspects of developing one’s skills in the game.

The purpose of Chess Openings Trainer Pro-Master is to fill this void by offering an original, straightforward, and enjoyable method to enhance one’s skills not just in this aspect of the game, but in the play as a whole as well.

The primary focus of this application is on active education. You begin a game by making your typical movements, and the algorithm will answer with the optimum options for that position based on the moves you have already made.

If you make a mistake in your move, you are given the opportunity to try again.

Upwards of 8,000 different variations of the key openings have been examined or executed by the top players in the history of the game all throughout the globe.

This is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable approaches to improving your chess. The Chess Openings Pró-Master app provides users with all of the resources necessary to comprehend and achieve mastery in the complex realm of chess openings.

After selecting the starter opening you are interested in learning more about, the system will display you the primary lines.

All that is required of you is to imitate the actions that the program does.

Only the first four moves on every party are available while playing level 1. When you have finished this stage, the complexity will progressively rise to 6, 8, 10, and even 12 moves depending on how far you got.

You will not only be able to improve your opening game by using this strategy, but you will also record a vast number of play tendencies in your limbic system, which will allow you to access them spontaneously in your subsequent games.

When compared to any other kind of training, doing the same workout for fifteen consecutive days at the same time will provide the best benefits.

3.) Chess endgame app by complete think

I think learning openings with the pro master app is fun, primarily because it is the phase of the game that I struggle the most.

However most people know that the endgame is where the essence of chess lies, the endgame will ultimately determine the result of the game. 

Chess endgame app by complete think on playstore.

This offline chess app is the best out there when it comes to teaching people the basics of the endgame. But it is somewhat different, it is to teach people how to fish, not to give them the fish outright. 

Here is what I like the most about this offline app:

  1. There are minimal ads. 
  2. It is perfectly accessible offline.
  3. The mechanics require you to perform the checkmate without help, I think this trial and error is important in learning.
  4. It is beginner focused, the kind of endgames in this offline app are some of the most rudimentary combinations in an endgame.
  5. There are many endgame options to choose from, you wouldn’t be done with this in a day or two. 


Compete against the computer to improve your endgame skills in chess!

This program allows you to compete against the device in order to hone your skills in typical endgame scenarios in the game of chess. 

This application may help you develop your endgame approach, whether you are just starting out in the game of chess or are trying to brush up on your abilities.

Make a defeat into a tie if you can. A tie that ended up being a victory.

Contains almost 20 different ending practice situations for chess. The beginning places are chosen at random, which results in an infinite number of issues.

Utilize the construction tools in order to produce user-generated chess endgame of your own design.

The following categories of endgame exercise are available: Against a lone king, queen endings, rook endings, famous endgame studies individually crafted and generated by the players. 

Why is learning the endgame important?

Standard players often begin their chess education by learning openings, resolving strategies, and completing as many rounds as they can. However, endgames are often neglected during this phase of a player’s development. 

Do you see where we’re going wrong with this strategy? These individuals are not getting the whole chess experience since they are not participating in the endgames.

After the first 30–35 moves have been executed and there aren’t many pieces left on the board, the action enters this phase. 

The endgame is the period of the match in which even the smallest error may have catastrophic effects on the outcome. The loss of a piece in the beginning or the middlegame does not always mean that the match is over. 

There is still opportunity for you to devise a strategy to deceive your way into regaining possession of the stuff you lost. The endgame is a completely different affair, and even a solitary tempo might be the deciding factor in whether or not a team wins or loses.

Each tempo, pawn, and the piece is of the utmost importance.

The significance of each and every aspect is magnified, and everything from the color of your bishop to the location of your king to the file that your opponent’s pawns are on becomes important to consider.

This is why this chess endgame app is so important for you as a player, it will help you develop your endgame technique.


The three best offline chess app are Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf, Chess Openings Pró-Master, Chess endgame app by complete think.

They provide the whole package from the opening, middlegame, and the endgame. These apps are some of the best out there.

I have personally tested a lot of offline chess apps throughout the years and these three are the ones that stand out the most. I think this will be more impactful for beginners than it is for me, you should try these to see what I am talking about.