Recommended electronics setup

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There are chess products that can be digitally connected to your pc via Bluetooth/USB that will make the recording of games easier. This is something that you may have noticed from high-end tournaments. 

You can buy those products online! Though they will be more expensive than a regular set since there will be added features. As for this list, I just picked the most popular out there:

Suggested electronic chess set

DGT electronic chessboard

For an electronic piece+board combo, there is really only one set that I will recommend. I am talking about this DGT electronic chessboard with lots of reviews.

Some people struggle with the technology part of the product, which you can ask the customer support from if you want help resolving the issue.

Suggested electronic clock

DGT Pi Computer for DGT Eboards

Of course you cannot play a game without a clock! The electronic set may record the time (on the computer) but you still need a physical clock to push into during the actual game.

This DGT Pi Computer for DGT Eboards is the best electronic clock out there. It is compatible with the most popular DGT brand as well so syncs very well in most electronic boards.