Recommended demonstration chessboard

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These kinds of boards are useful if you are in a physical setting where there are students needing to learn chess concepts. The boards have chess figures in there to visualize what the coach is trying to teach and make learning much enjoyable.

Some certainly have a lot of bad experiences when it comes to this product (weak magnets, unrecognizable pieces, etc.) and I don’t want you to experience that. So I did my own research and really only found a few products that can even be considered.

Suggested demonstration chessboard

Roll-up Vinyl Demo Board With Pieces

This Roll-up Vinyl Demo Board With Pieces is the only conclusion I have come to after reading a lot online.

There are algebraic notation guidelines on the sides that can be multi-purposed to teach notations early and the tiles are easily distinguishable from each other. It can be rolled out so it is easy to store and the hanging mechanism is reliable.