Recommended chessboards (only)

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Already have a piece set but are looking for a reliable chessboard? I have you covered. There are tons of good chess boards online if you know how to look for them.

I will help your decision by sharing my top picks! I will update this section as I learn more about this product online.

Suggested wooden chess boards

Expensive option

Maple and acacia chessboard

This maple and acacia chessboard has a very fine layout that makes it classical.

It is made of durable wood that has a nice contrast with the edges, appearance-wise it is top-notch. I am sure you are going to love it if you check it out.

Mid-priced option

Wooden chessboard

If you are not looking for appearance specifically, then this Wooden chessboard will be to your utmost benefit.

It has a nice size that would allow most pieces’ sizes to fit in and a lot of the reviews seem to be satisfied with it. It sits flat without too much mishandling from the manufacturer.

Suggested cabinet chessboard

These are chess boards with an entire storage space inside the board which makes it convenient for the pieces. Scratches and dents can be prevented when using these boards.

Inlaid Beech Wood Chess

Out of all of them (cabinet chessboards), this Inlaid Beech Wood Chess has the highest reviews.

It is pretty large but not too large that most pieces wouldn’t fit in. The surface has a nice finish and you can see it sparkle under common light.

Suggested specialized chessboard

Fortress chessboard

This one is pretty funny and I just have to include it here, this Fortress chessboard. It is a chessboard that looks like a fortress!

It is mid-priced and can be affordable depending on where you live, manufacturers are getting creative these days. This one is popular and a lot of people have already purchased it.