Recommended chess tables

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Chess tables are an interesting product, they are the only furniture modified specifically to play this game. If you have a space that people regularly go into (or just your home) this might be a perfect choice to have to play on the go.

There are of course a lot of issues that people encounter with this one including weak support, materials that can be easily chipped, or small drawers all of which you don’t want to experience. I have found this list to be the best that can meet people’s needs (the most), of course, I will recommend it to the readers of this site.

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Suggested chess table

Now, chess tables are naturally expensive (since it is furniture) but I tried my best to only seek out those that are worthy of the price. Some other factors are the size, durability, and design that would make it as appealing as possible, we just want to have good quality.

Expensive option

Walnut Maple Chess Table

If you are someone who is willing to invest, this Walnut Maple Chess Table is the most revered chess table out there.

The entire size of the table is the drawer which protects the pieces from being scratched and damaged, plus it has good support at that. But probably the one that I like the most is the table being lightweight yet reliable at the same time, just check the reviews!

Mid-ranged option

Now if you want the chess table above but don’t have the budget, you can actually purchase one without a chessboard. This Walnut Maple Chess Table (WITHOUT CHESSBOARD SURFACE) (click to check current price/reviews on version reduces the cost.

It is basically the same as the table above with all the advantages, just that it doesn’t come with a board. This is not a problem though if you have your own chessboard since it will still look fantastic.

This is a photo of a known buyer purchasing this version and trying it on their own board, this looks fantastic!