Recommended chess sparring partners

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One of the ways to improve in chess is of course to study, but that will be all for naught if it can’t be applied in real games. This is why experiencing play with other stronger players is important, you will get to learn the mistakes committed and will have an idea of what to work with.

Just this morning I found really interesting services on Fiverr that offer not to just play chess but also to talk about what you can improve afterward. This is a very interesting approach that might work for your learning curve and so, I might consider looking into it even if I don’t really want to buy (sort of window shopping).

Suggested chess sparring partners

These services allow insight after games that would ultimately lead to some sort of a lesson, something to test your skills with while learning. Otherwise, I wouldn’t even recommend spending any money at all (since you can just play online for free) and you are really just paying for the experience of the sparring partner.

One on one sparring partner


If you’re just an individual not a group that would like to play with a strong player then finalista95 is the one I suggest. The host has reportedly given a lot of helpful insights (since he has the expertise) that have brought fruition to a lot of progress. 

He claims to give deeper analysis and opinions as the package becomes more expensive, though I have no evidence to say that this is true. However, he is one of the not-so-scammy individuals out there (who has a clean profile) with no negative comments so I know he will deliver good value.

Simul service (group sparring partner)


This concept is interesting, simuls are basically where the host plays with multiple people at once, and I found that a gig (basically a service) incorporated just that online. The gig and talking about is the one offered by guillembaches to help you and your friends improve your game.

He is willing to play with a lot of people all at once and to be honest, this is only really useful if you are in a chess club (since I hardly know anybody who has that many friends). A lot of people have been satisfied with the service that they’ve received, so if you have extra funds the club has accumulated, this is a good option to spend that.