Recommended chess pieces (only)

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There are specialized chess pieces you can buy online independent of a chessboard, if you are looking for one I will share my top picks.

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Watch This Video First Before You Buy The Best Chess Set Ever

There are many reasons why you might want a separate piece set without a chessboard, or maybe you have a chessboard already. This list is for you then.

Suggested club/tournament pieces

Hastings natural piece

If you are looking for a piece set that is normally seen in clubs or small-scale tournaments, this Hastings natural piece is for you.

It is similar-looking to what we have used in our local tournament, so this might be of interest if you want to use it for competitions.

Suggested wooden pieces

Expensive option

Acacia chess piece

For the finest wood, this Acacia chess piece is the best one. The finish on this wood is incredible.

It looks so well-polished although it is expensive. If you’re looking for the best quality and have the money then this one is what I recommend for wood sets.

Inexpensive option

Standard Staunton chess piece

If you don’t have the money though and are looking for something reliable, this Standard Staunton chess piece is a good alternative.

It is on a similar model as the expensive option but has a slightly duller finish. It doesn’t matter as much though since you can still play with it.

Suggested themed chess pieces

Fantasy Chess Pieces

Fantasy Chess Pieces

This set has several creatures that only excess on our view of fantasy. Unicorns, dragons, fairies, and some other weird creations you can think of out there.

If you are someone who finds joy playing with these kinds of pieces then this is extremely recommended to give a whole new experience of playing.

Egyptian Chess Pieces

Egyptian Chess Pieces

This piece set grants an Ancient Egyptian vibe to our ancient-old game of chess. There are many prominent Egyptian figures that are included in this set, if you enjoy learning about the history of Egypt this is an outstanding choice.

Legend of King Arthur chess pieces

Legend of King Arthur chess pieces

King Arthur, Guinever, Sir Lancelot, Passaled, Merin, and Lot’s castle vs. King Lot, Morgan Le Fey, Melehan, Mordred, Canelot, and Lot’s horse. Who doesn’t want to see the world of the legendary king Arthur embodied in chess pieces?

Dinosaur Chessmen

Dinosaur Chessmen

Do you love paleontology? There’s nothing bigger in the world of animal history than dinosaurs. If you love these majestic creatures and want to see them in chess pieces then this product is for you.

Suggested metal chess pieces

Florentine chess piece

This Florentine chess piece is the best affordable metal chess set I can find out there since the others are too expensive.

It got full stars on its product description and the reviews have images of those who actually bought the product, you should check it out!

Suggested chess pieces w/ chess case

Deluxe Staunton Chess Pieces #5 in a dark box

I managed to find this awesome deal of a chess case and chess pieces on the same purchase. The Deluxe Staunton Chess Pieces #5 in a dark box is too good of an option to ignore.

If you are looking for a chess case while looking for chess pieces then why not buy them at the same time? This will save you time looking for separate products.