Recommended chess ebooks

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Ebooks are good to have on the fly (that you can just download and view wherever you go), it is a reflection of modern technology.

This is when I found Forward chess, which is an ebook interactive platform that allows people who bought the products to have a virtual chessboard they could play with.

Giuoco Piano: Chess Opening Traps &...
Giuoco Piano: Chess Opening Traps & Ideas you need to study!

There’s actually no additional cost for this, any product that has been bought or purchased has an automatic interactive chessboard (on the ebook) so I would definitely recommend buying some in their place.

Suggested chess ebooks

Ebooks are just like traditional books, there are different topics and not everything can be useful depending on what you’re looking for. That is why I have made this list, that breaks down everything a player is likely to be searching for as well as what is the best option for such.

Chess training ebooks

Side-stepping mainline theory

If you are a beginner that wants to have a reliable training schedule that maximizes efficiency, the ebook Side-stepping mainline theory provides everything you need as someone who is just starting.

It will help you cut down the memorization phase (that every player goes through) and focus on things that give results. I will kindly note that this is strictly for real beginners (those who just learned how the pieces move) as advanced players might find this somewhat basic. 

Pump up your rating

After that, the ebook Pump up your rating will help you to actually apply the knowledge and convert it into hard ratings.

You can be the best player around the group yet would be unable to have a good rating to show for it, this one will help you perform. This one is not as popular as the others on this list but had satisfactory buyers, so I know that this will be helpful when I recommend it.

For Chess Openings

Winning chess openings ebook

The thing with openings is they can be an enormous timewaster if not used properly, you could spend hours learning things you would not even apply. So generally I recommend the Winning chess openings ebook to only identify the important knowledge regarding openings (to be specific).

Because frankly if you are looking for an extended (more advanced) opening then youtube is a good place, buying an ebook for such should be high quality. The thing is, you just can’t find the important ones on youtube (since you don’t know what is important yet) and this one should give you a guideline to learn those things.

Chess opening repertoire for blitz and rapid

On a separate note, openings that work on normal time control (classical and rapid) do not fare well on blitz and other faster time controls. For this one, I recommend the chess opening repertoire for blitz and rapid which specifically addresses openings that work on these special time formats.

It will also contain some tips and easter eggs to how you should properly behave on faster time controls, but most are about openings. I know that it is not a standard time format (blitz) but is played by everybody (simply not having enough time) therefore is becoming more popular.

Ebook for Middlegames

Monster your middlegame planning-volume 1.

If you are struggling in middlegames specifically (which most beginners do) this is my only pick, Monster your middlegame planning-volume 1. This will tackle larger issues in the middlegame providing exercises that will ensure you will improve as a player (with lessons as well).

After each exercise, a solution will be presented that will have the user evaluate their current level of understanding which I like the most. As you can tell, there are multiple volumes to this one (there are sequels) but this first part is what I recommend out of all of them.

Ebook for Endgames

Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual-Fifth edition

Just like with the middlegame I like practicality, I want the user to have a way of solving and applying the things that they learn. I found that the Dvoretsky’s Endgame Manual-Fifth edition to be specific is what will help your endgame mind the most.

There are exercises but will focus on the teaching part, a lot of strong players such as Vladimir Kramnik (former world champion) are satisfied with this book noting it to be incredible. This is what you want to take if you are not that well-versed in the endgame and would want to learn theories first (but there are applications as well).

100 endgames you must know (4th edition)

After you are done with that, this exercise ebook 100 endgames you must know (4th edition) will supplement everything you learned from the ebook above to train you. The author (a chess master) collected 100 games that most people commit in order to prove a point in each individual chapter, and as you can tell this has many editions too. 

I pick this fourth edition since it is the latest and most improved version that has a lot of value to it (and what I would recommend the most). It will help you completely absorb complicated ideas in positions that might come up in your games, it truly is the ultimate practicality.

Ebook for attacking in chess

Art of attack in chess ebook

If you’re looking for an attacking ebook though (the one that specifically addresses attacks) this Art of attack in chess ebook will be the best one to train with. It contains the most basic principles that will apply to most attacking positions up to complicated ideas, covering everything that one would need to be able to attack well.

The thing that I found to be the most convenient in this one is the given algebraic notations, one can easily follow the games with this formula (although the interactive chessboard also helps). You will also get to learn the usage of algebraic notations along the way (since it is included) while increasing your attacking efficiency, a double win.

Ebook for defending in chess

Defend like Petrosian

If you want to go the other way and master the defense, the ebook Defend like Petrosian talks about positional defensive plays that are missing from the regular training. The ebook teaches concepts that will save games (not necessarily win them) to at least a draw, an important component of a good player.

Petrosian (former world champion known for his defense) is mentioned here though he has really no affiliation with the information, however has been used as an example to indicate important themes. This has helped a lot of players cope with their struggles in positional play (since defense is just looking at minor things and making them bigger) helping them to start really playing chess, there’s no way I won’t recommend this.

Chess history ebook

The Soviet Outcast ebook

If you’re looking for real-life annotations of interesting chess events then the Soviet Outcast ebook is the one that will satisfy your need for a good story. It contains the memory of Levenfish as he describes the crazy games and environment in the pre-Russian era where (there are tension and all that stuff) giving an impression on famous players such as the Capablanca, Rubenstein, etc.

After that, there is a section about the Russian and post-Russian era (where the USSR dominates the chess world describing the hardships endured by the players. It also contains tons of games that the readers can learn from (along with rumored games that may or may not have happened) giving a good background to the most infamous period of chess history (Russian era).

Ebook for the fiercest chess games

Best fighting games of 2012-2015

If you are just one who wants to see a good show then the ebook Best fighting games of 2012-2015 is hands-down the best option out there. It contains the fiercest 50 games from 2012 to 2015 with many beautiful ideas, sacrifices, and hidden motifs that chess enthusiasts will surely appreciate.

I mean this is what we live for as a player right? a game of chess that maximizes its beauty witnessed on the board, I mean that is why I stuck to this game for a long time. It compiles everything with deep analysis that allows us to see what we could have missed ourselves, it will bring a new perspective on how to approach the game on our part.