Recommended chess courses

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As players, we try to improve different aspects of our game to improve the form that we have, though we prefer different mediums to do it. Some like reading but others like watching, which is why chess courses are rising in demand right now.

And for me who wants to create a credible list of resources for the readers of this site, I did the research to find the best chess courses out there. Since this is pretty important, I will update any bad recommendations that I can catch over time so no worries here.

Suggested chess courses

For chess courses I found that is the best reliable platform one can choose out there, it has an Amazon-like feeling that gives a sense of trust. Every course has a complete specification of topics to be covered, a background of the author, ratings of the course, and reviews of real-time buyers.

Suggested for beginners

Chess for beginners: Practical course

If you are a beginner that is just starting to learn chess, the course for you is definitely the Chess for beginners: Practical course it is pretty inexpensive costing as much as a regular book.

It is a full-lifetime purchase type of deal where you can keep it up forever once the transaction has transpired, along with other chess bundles that the course contains. It has an incredibly high rating from others who already purchased the course and almost all are positive feedbacks.

Suggested chess opening courses

Expensive option

Chess Openings – Essentials Training Course

The best chess course for learning openings is the Chess Openings – Essentials Training Course although is slightly more expensive than other options.

As has been said by the other reviews, it is such a thoughtful and well-structured course signature of someone who’s been playing for years (a professional). It has of course just like the one above, has a high rating with a lot of reviews for you to read from. I especially like that it is a complete set.

Inexpensive option

Understanding chess openings | How to play ANY opening well

If you don’t have a lot of money though (which I understand) the alternative that I’ve got when learning openings is the course Understanding chess openings | How to play ANY opening well which is way cheaper than the one above.

It is not as a complete set as the expensive option, but can still deliver the things that are most important for the players. It too has an incredibly high review rate from which you can base your decision and a high rating number that reflects customer satisfaction.

Suggested chess middlegame courses

Expensive option

Chess Middlegames – Essentials Training

If you’re looking for solid chess middlegame training, I’ve learned that the best out there is the course Chess Middlegames – Essentials Training that comes in a bundle (and is a complete package).

It is not too expensive especially with the information that would be given, but should only be reserved for those who can afford it (my suggestion to you). It has a high rating although the review count is still not that high, but has a lot of positive feedback from those who have already taken it.

Inexpensive option

Chess Middlegame – How to outplay your opponent

If you can’t afford the course above but want to learn chess middlegames don’t worry I’ve got your back, I recommend the course Chess Middlegame – How to outplay your opponent.

The ratings on this one are not as high as the others (although it is still high) but have a decent review count. It seems that those who have decided to leave a review all gave very admirable comments with five stars, so it is still trustworthy even if the overall rating is not as high.

Suggested chess endgame course

Chess Bootcamp: Endgame

For the chess endgame course I’ve only really come to one conclusion, it is the course Chess Bootcamp: Endgame with a very satisfying course structure.

At the time of this writing, believe it or not, it has a perfect score even though a lot of people have already taken it (with a lot of positive feedback). It will change in the future (definitely) as the course becomes more popular, but it tells a lot about the quality of the lessons you are going to find there.

Suggested course for attacking in chess

Chess Strategies: Learn Attacking Tactical Chess Maneuvers

With attacking the one that I found to have the most potential is the course Chess Strategies: Learn Attacking Tactical Chess Maneuvers and is definitely the most popular one.

It has an incredibly high rating with a lot of reviews saying how the course is very well thought out, it really helped a lot of people. The price is not expensive but not cheap either, so it would take some investment to acquire this nice value.

Suggested course for defending in chess

Defensive Techniques in Chess

When it comes to reinforcing your defensive capability, the best option is the course Defensive Techniques in Chess which is another killer on its own.

Besides the one that has achieved the perfect rating and the one below, this one is the highest with an almost perfect rating (but not quite) which is pretty awesome. It is expensive, though not as expensive as the others in this list, but should be expected with something as popular as this one.

Suggested course for unique chess tricks

Your Top Chess Questions, Answered

This recommendation I will be giving to you is a gift for reading this far, it is the course Your Top Chess Questions, Answered which is a very interesting course. It doesn’t deal with a specific aspect, rather about the intricacies of being an expert in chess as well as psychological tactics to overcome some concerns.

It has an almost perfect rating like the one from above and the highest number of students I have seen so far (by the time of this writing).