Recommended chess courses

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As players, we try to improve different aspects of our game to improve the form that we have, though we prefer different mediums to do it. Some like reading but others like watching, which is why chess courses are rising in demand right now.

And for me who wants to create a credible list of resources for the readers of this site, I did the research to find the best chess courses out there. Since this is pretty important, I will update any bad recommendations that I can catch over time so no worries here.

Suggested chess courses

For chess courses I found that (link will open in a new tab) is the most reliable platform one can choose out there. It is being managed by GM Smirnov, an actual grandmaster. Every course has a complete specification of topics to be covered, a background of the author, ratings of the course, and reviews of real-time buyers.

Under 20 dollars (at the time of this writing)

Improve at Chess Instantly (Free Masterclass)

This is an interesting masterclass that I have found for free.

How to Become a Blitz Master Course

Want to become better at blitz? This course will teach you everything you need.

My Thinking System

Learn how to find good moves in any position by taking this course.

Under 30 dollars (at the time of this writing)

How to Win a Won Game

This course is all about securing the win when your position is objectively better.

Champion Psychology Course

A chess psychology course based on a book. I will teach you how to win in chess using psychology.

Suggested for Beginners

Remote Chess Academy Beginner Course Package

A 3 in 1 beginner course package. It contains all you need to become strong in chess (from the beginner level).

Suggested for Advanced Players

3 Steps to 2000 Elo

A course to take if you want to reach 2000 Elo.

Suggested Courses About Chess Openings

Course bundle

All in one Opening Bundle (3-IN-1)

This opening course package contains all of the things you need to know about the opening.

Single Course

From Opening to Middlegame Course

This opening course will teach you how to properly transition from the opening to the middlegame.

Suggested Courses About the Middlegame

Course Bundle

Middlegame Expert Package

Learn everything that you need to know about the middlegame with this course package. Both beginner and advanced players will learn something from this.

Single Course

Top 25 Middlegame Concepts

This course will teach you the most important concepts in the middlegame. It will not teach you everything, but you will help you learn the most important aspects.

Suggested Course About the Endgame

Practical Endgames Course

Tired of vague videos that teaches about the endgame? This course will ensure that only the most practical endgames are going to be discussed. Those that actually appear on real games.

Suggested Course for Attacking

Attack and Win! Course

Do you want to become Mikhail Tal? Well, you can’t be like him literally, but you can play like him with this course. It will teach you how to attack and win.

Suggested Course for Defending in Chess

10 Keys to Defense

Defending is hard, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Unfortunately a lot of players lack the knowledge on how to defend. This course will fix that problem.