Recommended chess coaches

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Chess can be an intimidating pursuit especially if you don’t have much knowledge in the first place, you don’t know what things to learn.

There are a lot of coaches out there that I feel are kind of a scam (doesn’t bring that much value for its price) so I decided to make this list. I handpicked the coaches below into a limited number in order to find the optimal ones that are most applicable for viewers of this site, I will update if there is an unsatisfactory experience reported.

Suggested chess coaches

Believe it or not, I found that Fiverr boasts a lot of very well-presented and valuable chess coaches in comparison to other offerings out there. The platform has reviews and the ratings (just like Amazon) that reflect customer experience before considering when to buy (which allows you to eliminate bad options) therefore my recommendation.

Inexpensive option


There’s a lot of very inexpensive options out there (so much so that they are hard to differentiate) but I found that finalista95 is the most resourceful. He personalized (customized) every transaction so that the lesson will fit your unique needs as a player, unlike others that just give you pre-recorded courses.

The instructor has been reported to increase the time limit sometimes in order to accommodate the value of the transaction, I think the extra service expresses the quality that you want for a coach (making me recommend this).

Mid-priced/Expensive option


If you have a little bit more money and are willing to invest on a higher scale, I definitely recommend souravsuresh which has the reputation to teach students very well. What I like about him the most is his passion, people claim to be able to reach out to him whenever they have any concerns to resolve.

He has more of a standardized set of topics to talk about but will change if the buyer has different needs from what he offers. The running time and the deepness of the ideas are much higher than the one above (which justifies the price) and you can actually negotiate the price if your individual needs allow you to do so.