Recommended chess clocks

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Chess clocks are a pretty tricky thing to get right for players, most people don’t have that much experience and don’t know what to look for.

Digital Alarm Clock LED Wooden Watc...
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I don’t want readers of this to spend hours looking for a clock only to find one that malfunctions or doesn’t have the proper qualities. I have spent all my time surfing the internet to find the most feasible chess clock for your taste (I will update this if I find it necessary).

Suggested analog chess clock

Analog clocks are basically timers that don’t have digital numbers (more like wall clocks) and therefore might be less accurate (but are sensational). It is the one used in the film queen’s gambit, but also the battles of historic players in chess history so I understand that people might want it.

Single analog buy

Master Quartz Chess Clock

I highly suggest the Master Quartz Chess Clock for this one among others, it has that vintage look that you would look for. The numbers are clear and can easily be identified plus some people stated that the buttons are easy to push.

It is not like the old analog chess clocks that are purely made of metal (which is vulnerable to rust) meaning this can last longer.

Batch analog buy

10 Standard Chess Analog Clocks

If you want to save money by buying multiple analog clocks at the same time (for a tournament or something) then you can use this offer of 10 Standard Chess Analog Clocks.

It is pretty much the same model as the single buy above but in a batch of 10. You will save money if you choose to purchase several at once.

Suggested Digital chess clock

Digital clocks or not the same as analog where there are digital numbers that accurately display the time, it needs batteries to run though. These are modern clocks that are massed-produced which are used in tournaments as a standard, so serious players might want to go for this. 

Expensive option

DGT 3000 Chess Clock

If you absolutely want to find the best digital clock out there despite the cost, this DGT 3000 Chess Clock is the absolute best.

I was surprised to find the wooden texture that is pretty much rare to find in digital clocks these days. It is also a DGT model so if you have an electronic board you can connect it to this clock. The electronic board is not necessary to operate this clock though.

Mid-priced option

ZMF-II Black Digital Chess Clock

This ZMF-II Black Digital Chess Clock is amazing, it has blinking lights to indicate a player’s turn.

The light pretty much sells everything for me, but the design is pretty cool too. The numbers are readable (due to the lighting) so you wouldn’t have to worry about dim interface anymore!

Inexpensive option

DGT North American Chess Clock

If you can’t afford the price above and just looking for a cheaper clock that doesn’t fall too much on the quality I’ve got one for you. This DGT North American Chess Clock is what I’ve found to be the best option without too many downsides.

It is easy to operate with tons of tutorials on youtube since it is pretty popular. Is durable, reliable, and simple yet gets the job done, something that you would want from a set.