Recommended chess class

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Surfing online trying to find the best courses for specific aspects of chess can be quite difficult, it is very costly too. Some prefer a class where everything is included in one platform.

If you are looking for a chess class I found that is the best option. It is a site that hosts several experts in tons of fields, I found one really good class in particular.

Suggested chess class

Garry Kasparov teaches chess

The one that I’ve found is of course Garry Kasparov’s personal class course, Garry Kasparov teaches chess probably the best class out there.

It is personalized by none other than the former world champion, and arguably the best chess player of all time, Garry Kasparov. The best teacher that you can ask for.

It contains a complete package of chess lessons that are useful for both beginners and advanced players (but mostly for beginners) that would surely satisfy your craving for learning. 

I think this is the best class if you are serious and have something to invest. If you don’t have money though I have an Alternative, this is quite popular in the chess community.

Alternative is a great platform that provides free tools and lessons to tackle different challenges you may encounter as a beginner. It is quite nice.

They give you access to a community of players that are willing to play anytime in any time control, as well as free access to engines, lessons, and challenge puzzles. There are a ton of free resources that will give you value here.