Recommended chess cases

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Chess cases are separate storage for your pieces that will ensure their longevity by preventing scratches and dents. For this one, I only have one recommendation (well there are two, but they are the same just on a different color) since it is the best that I can find!

Suggested chess cases

Wooden treasure box

This Wooden treasure box had every functionality that you would need from a chess case.

It has a good size with a reliable lock that prevents the pieces from spilling out. The wood is fine and it has a nice finish that makes it aesthetic-looking. A lot of people have been satisfied with it so I figured that it should satisfy you as well.

Dark Wooden Treasure Box

If you want the same product with a dark design this Dark Wooden Treasure Box is the one for you. This is basically a different model designed with black rather than letting traditional wood color on the show. Get this if you prefer this design!