Recommended chess sets

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A chess set is one of the things every player has to learn to properly evaluate, this is where we play the game. I can relate to the struggles of having to find a defective/unsatisfying product after countless hours of looking for one, so I made a section.

There are so many buzzes online that can lead you in the wrong direction, check out these sets so you can see for yourself! I am confident with this list and I will update this if something starts looking wrong in the reviews.

Suggested wooden chess set

Wooden sets are the most traditional looking of all chess sets, it is the most popular material type in the old days of chess. If you are looking to have this feeling of vintage play then I will of course share my top picks!

Expensive option

Ambassador Wooden Chess Set

For a wooden set that you are willing to spend some money on, this Ambassador Wooden Chess Set is the best of all the options out there.

The board has a nice custom design and the pieces look very vintage. It has notations on the side and the case has room for every piece so they don’t bump into each other during storage.

Mid-priced option

School Chess Wooden Chess Set

If you want a good durable set without spending too much money this School Chess Wooden Chess Set is what I found to be the most popular and reliable.

It also has a custom design for the board with notation guides embedded on the side. It is branded as a wooden set being used at school but can obviously be a personal set as well.

Suggested themed chess set

These kinds of sets are usually based on famous characters or figures that can serve as collectibles for chess enthusiasts. I found some that you readers most likely want to consider since they are so interesting than the others.

3D Dragon Chess Set

This one is just super cool, it is apparently named 3D Dragon Chess Set with an astonishing design that takes playing chess to a whole new level.

This is more of a collectible so is it is somewhat expensive, but for the design, I personally think it is more than worth the cost if you have the money. It will really feel like you are being transported into an unknown field when playing in this.

Crusades Chess Set

If you want to experience the spirit of combat by playing chess this Crusades Chess Set is the one to go for. The pieces look like warriors and are ready to head into battle.

The characters are pretty realistic in my opinion and their weight makes them well-suited for play. The board is simple yet reliable so it is not a bad choice.

Spartan Warrior Chess Set

Wanting a set that resembles medieval war but not necessarily the crusade? then this Spartan Warrior Chess Set is definitely the one for you.

The one that I will be giving the praise is the board rather than the pieces, although they are good too. The board just looks so majestic and the colors are really attractive to the eyes.

Cats Vs. Dogs Chess Set

This one looks so cute among else, it is the Cats Vs. Dogs Chess Set that doesn’t only have adorable pieces but also has a reliable board.

There is a case below this walnut board that makes storage of pieces really easy. The cat-dog figureheads always get to me, they are just so good to look at.

Super Mario Brothers Chess Set

Wanting to reminisce about your childhood or have a kid you are looking to buy a set for? this Super Mario Brothers Chess Set is an interesting choice.

It is like going into the world of Mario and trying to conquer it all! The board is custom-made and lightweight enough to be compatible with travel.

Suggested Giant chess set

These are very big sets that give a whole new experience with playing chess. It feels nice when everything is zoomed in from that small set that you have, so this might be a good option for you!

Outdoor Giant Set

Giant Chess Set & Mat Combo

Looking for a durable set that can be placed outdoors against the weather and all other extremities? This Giant Chess Set & Mat Combo will surely satisfy you!

The pieces resist heat and cold for the most part unless we are talking about calamity. The board is pretty huge complimenting the size of the pieces, it is the best one out there.

Personal Giant Set

ChessHouse Large Chess Set

If you are looking for a giant set that is not exactly for the outdoors and more personal, this ChessHouse Large Chess Set is a good choice.

It is not so big that you will consider it a giant so it could be used indoors. The mat and pieces after looking at the reviews seem pretty reliable, it is plain and simple so a lot of people are satisfied with it.

Suggested engine chess set

Electronic chess sets will play chess with you! Great when no one else is around to play chess, right? Plus there’s no eye strain or screen time! You can enjoy moving real pieces while the computer coaches, provide tips, follows the rules, and adapts to your level.

Millennium Chess Champion (Master II)

For electronic sets I don’t recommend something too costly. The Millennium Chess Champion (Master II) is the best mid-priced option for electronic sets.

Besides Chess it includes 7 classic games: Draughts, Reversi, Chinese Checkers, Connect Four, Nim, Fox & Geese, and Northcote mind games. But for the purposes of chess, a lot of people are satisfied with it.

Suggested club chess set

These chess sets are great for casual, tournament, club, class, and home – each one carefully selected to meet the demands of chess players and students. These are not made with specific materials but are just common in clubs and tournaments.

World Chess Official Chess Set

If you want a set that can be used in tournaments or a club, this World Chess Official Chess Set may just be the best to go for.

It is lightweight, reliable, the pieces are in a standard size, and is just generally clean. It follows the standard guideline for competitive sets so you know you are in the right hands.

Suggested Travel chess set

Travel chess sets are specifically designed to withstand bumping from cars, trains, etc., and are usually magnetic. These sets also have a fairly small (but not too small) size so it wouldn’t be a hassle to carry.

Expensive option

Play-Keeper Magnetic Chess Set

This is not too far in price compared to the mid-priced option but is still expensive for me. This Play-Keeper Magnetic Chess Set comes with a case so it is pretty convenient.

Apart from that, it has a clean, simple, and standard design that has magnetic pieces which are perfect for travel. The size is just right in order to accommodate travel.

Mid-priced option

Milled Leather Travel Magnetic Chess Set

This Milled Leather Travel Magnetic Chess Set is the best mid-priced travel set that I could find.

The leather just looks so cool, I rarely find a leather set these days. It is foldable with a case that goes along with it so storage is not an issue. The pieces are pretty neat too since it is magnetic.

Suggested Chess and checker set

If you want a set that can be switched with checker pieces then you must check out the chess and checker set. It has storage for both the chess and checker pieces.

Wood Chess and Checkers Set

Wood Chess and Checkers Set

This Wood Chess and Checkers Set are made for those who love playing checkers along with chess.

It has a nice clean board with storage in the bottom containing the checker pieces that can be switched on demand. The chess pieces can also be stored there and is just a generally appealing set with a clean layout.

Suggested 3 player chess set

This is a mode of chess that is pretty popular now especially for streamers. A lot of people are becoming interested in this so I took the time to pick the best over-the-board 3 player sets out there.

Expensive option

3 Player Large Wood Chess Set

If you want the best out there, this 3 Player Large Wood Chess Set looks like one of the best regular wooden sets out there except it is customized for three.

The design of the board looks amazing with those pattern tiles created. The pieces have a nice color and are appealing to the eyes. It has storage so all the pieces can be maintained appropriately.

Mid-priced option

Large 3 Player Chess Set

For a cheaper alternative, this Large 3 Player Chess Set is the best among all the options.

It is made of plastic that has a variety of nice colors, it has good weight surprisingly. The mat is portable and can be folded with nice patterns so it is convenient. The storage is in a separate plastic bag so do not worry.

Suggested 4 player chess set

4 player chess is a new chess variant that is becoming popular lately, of course, I am going to take notice. I am aware that choosing a good 4 player set is just as difficult as choosing a regular set, so I am going to share my top picks!

Inexpensive option

Large 4 Player Chess Set

For the best 4 players set at the cheapest price, I find that this Large 4 Player Chess Set is the best one for the quality.

4 player sets are naturally more expensive than regular chess sets since there are more pieces (and the board is larger), but this is the cheapest one with good quality that I have found.

The pieces are pretty large and it is a standard roll board that we have even used in a tournament, this wouldn’t pose too many problems.

Mid-priced option

Large 4 Player Silicone Chess Set

If you have more budget then this Large 4 Player Silicone Chess Set is the one for you. The price goes in more sturdy board and pieces.

The pieces are made of silicone rather than the standard plastic, it gives class and a little bit of weight. The board is made up of vinyl so it is more reliable and expect it to last longer.