My Resource Page

Affiliate disclaimer: Some links on this page are affiliate links which means that, if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. I greatly appreciate your support!

The goal of this page is to provide an ongoing, growing list of resources for this community.  

I don’t only like to list the most expensive options as my ultimate goal is to help make your life easier or solve a problem you’re having.

So, I want you to get the BEST resource out there for that issue or problem and that may not necessarily be the most expensive option. Just click the text for the type of help you need.

Choose from the following:

  1. Recommended Chess Sets
  2. Recommended Chess Clocks
  3. Recommended Chess Tables
  4. Recommended Demo boards
  5. Recommended Chess Books
  6. Recommended Chess E-books
  7. Recommended Chess Coaches
  8. Recommended Chess Sparring Partners
  9. Recommended Chess Courses
  10. Recommended Chessboards (only)
  11. Recommended Chess Pieces (only)
  12. Recommended Chess Cases
  13. Recommended Electronic Setup

Some, but far from all of what I recommend, are what is known as affiliates. Essentially some companies pay me a small commission if you buy something from them because I recommended it. It doesn’t increase the cost to you, so it’s a win-win for everyone.